Here are notes about how I built my Libra - it isn't complete because I never intended to keep a 'diary', so there are some gaps where I have done loads of work without taking any photos.

In early May each year, there is a huge Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. It is a two day show and as it is only 1/2 hour from home, I quite often go. I was introduced to it by my neighbour, Robin, who has built two (!) Caterham 7s.

In 2002, I was in the process of selling my BMW Z1 (website here) and was looking for a cheap 'toy' to replace it. Several things wrong with this thinking; you can't replace a BMW Z1, nothing is going to be cheap if it's any good; why on earth was I at a kit car show, instead of some warm dealer's showroom?

I had thought about building a car of and on for several years, and when I went to Stoneleigh in '02, I was looking at Lotus 7 type vehicles. Of all of these the Caterham is favourite (but not cheap) in the UK. However there is a new entry called Birkin, which is great quality, and well priced, being built in South Africa. My concerns were about the practicality of the 7 type, since they are difficult to get in and out of, have bu88er all weather protection, and seem to be strangely addictive.

So, walking through one of the exhibition halls, I glanced at a composite tub which was the centre of a really modern little GT type car, but which had rather clever rear suspension. I just walked past, and about 10 minutes later it sunk in that I had seen something really interesting, so I went back for another look.

Here's a link to GTM Cars so you can see what it is I'm going on about. GTM

In August '02 I ordered a GTM Libra in yellow, fitted with std anthracite coloured wheels, and a Spyder bonnet, for collection in November '02.